Kyoto Smart City Expo 2022
Main Theme
Regions and industries that create a peaceful and sustainable future
– Creating a “Meta-Comfort” smart society –
October 6 (Thu) to 7 (Fri), 2022
Keihanna Open Innovation Center (KICK)[ Seika/Nishi-Kizu area of Kyoto Prefecture ]
  • Exhibition of the latest technologies and services related to smart cities by Japanese and overseas companies and organizations
  • Seminars by top executives from Japanese and overseas companies and other experts on smart cities
  • Symposiums by Japanese and overseas experts on smart cities
  • Introduction of leading overseas case studies and messages from top overseas executives
  • Nationwide local government exchange symposium introducing case studies of initiatives by municipalities
    around Japan
  • Pitch meetings and ideathons featuring startup companies
  • Special experiential area featuring the Kyoto Smart City exhibit, as well as other events and displays
Admission Fee
Free (Registration required)
Organizing Committee of Kyoto Smart City Expo
Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City, Kyotanabe City, Kizugawa City, Seika Town, Barcelona City Council, Fira de Barcelona, Embassy of Spain Economic and Commercial Office Tokyo, Embassy of Denmark, Japan Spain Business Cooperation Committee, Kyoto Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Kyoto Industrial Association, Public Foundation of Kansai Research Institute, Kyoto Chiesangyo Sozonomori, Kyoto Industrial Support Organization 21, Advanced Scientific Technology & Management Research Institute of KYOTO, Kyoto Convention & Visitors Bureau, Internet Association Japan, Keihanna Interaction Plaza Incorporated
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Concurrent event

"The Earth Hall of Fame KYOTO" Side Event
Venue:KICK Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center
Period :October 6 (Thu) , 2022
Organizer:The Earth Hall of Fame Kyoto Management Council
URL: https://www.pref.kyoto.jp/earth-kyoto/en/index.html
Keihanna Business Messe 2022
Venue:KICK Keihanna Robotics Engineering Center
Period :October 6 (Thu) to 7 (Fri), 2022
Organizer:Public Fundation of Kansai Research Institute
URL: https://khn-messe.jp/
ATR Open House 2022
Period :October 6 (Thu) to 7 (Fri), 2022
Organizer:Advanced Telecommunications Research Institute International(ATR)
Keihanna R&D Fair 2022
Period :October 6 (Thu) to 7 (Fri), 2022
Organizer:Keihanna R&D Fair Executive Committee