Mitsufuji Corporation



About Us

・Development, manufacture and sales of silver-metalized conductive fiber AGposs, wearable devices hamon band®, MITSUFUjI03 and hamon AG products
・Manufacture and sale of medical devices
・Provide the wearable IoT platform hamon with its core technology based on continuous and accurate biometric information and algorithms.


Founded in 1956 as a Nishijin-obi factory, we launched a vest-type wearable device that uses highly conductive silver fibers as electrodes to determine the state of your body in 2016. Ever since we have been focusing on specializing in your continuous and accurate biometric information acquired from the wearable device, and the development of both algorithms to analyze the data and next-generation products to solve social issues such as employee safety management, monitoring of the elderly, and health promotion projects in municipalities. We launched our own wearable factory in Fukushima Prefecture with roles of wearable production and innovation lab in 2020. We succeeded in developing an algorithm for estimating changes in deep body temperature rise from heart rate waveforms and launched the wristband-type device that uses the same technology to determine heat risk just by putting it on your wrist. This summer, we launched the smartwatch-type equipped with SIM that enables centralized management and control of physical condition.