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– Creating a “Meta-Comfort” smart society –

Keihanna Open Innovation Center@Kyoto (KICK)Seika/Nishi-Kizu area of Kyoto Prefecture
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About Kyoto Smart City Expo

Kyoto Smart City Expo has been held annually since 2014 by Keihanna Science City, a leading global R&D hub that utilizes open innovation. Now in its ninth time, this international event is helping to generate new innovation in the development of smart cities.

Its presentations, seminars and symposiums covering the latest in smart city technologies and services promote both smart cities and business exchanges.

  • Keihanna Science City brings together over 150 research, educational and cultural facilities in an open innovation center dedicated to the development of next-generation smart cities. Hold on-site in this area, Kyoto Smart City Expo gathers a diverse range of information on cutting-edge technologies and services related to smart cities both in and outside Japan.

  • This event synthesizes information on advanced initiatives by local governments as well as national trends such as the Vision for a Digital Garden City Nation, providing a forum for BtoB and BtoG exchanges between local governments and private enterprises from all over Japan.

  • It also supports business creation through global open innovation with events such as pitch meetings, ideathons and hackathons featuring both Japanese and overseas startups.

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2022 Special Exhibit: Experience a Smart City

Connect, expand and look ahead
Creating a Comfortable Lifestyle with Greater Safety and Security

What exactly are smart cities? And how will they change our lives?
Kyoto Smart City connects and expands the needs and solutions identified by a wide range of industries, research organizations and universities.
Take this opportunity to experience the cutting-edge technologies and research shaping the future of urban development.